Welcome to Green Waze a new digital marketing solution for the cannabis industry!

We’re so excited you’ve joined us, we can’t thank you enough for the support. We are really eager to help businesses in the cannabis industry grow and thrive so they can provide their products and services to those in need.

While we are new to the cannabis business industry, we are not new to digital marketing, nor to cannabis in general. Our team has a combined 30+ years of experience with brand building and 20+ with recreational and medical use of various forms of cannabis as well.

So we truly are driven by cannabis. Our passion to help comes from the growing knowledge and personal experience we’ve had with the healing powers of cannabis. This combined with our desire to help others succeed made us eager to open the Green Waze digital agency.

We see far too many people stifled by a DM sales process through social media and not even of these young hustlers creating their business and brands. We are here to help.

Be sure to fill out the contact us form to get more information on what you need help with and grow your business. While it may work to do these types of transactions through DM now, completely legitimizing your sales process helps you avoid legal issues and helps you grow beyond your imagination!

Already have a brand but you’re looking to amp things up a bit? Let us know, we can help with that too! Even if you’re not quite sure what it is you need, contact us, we’ll support you and give you some guidance, without any obligation or strings. We truly are here to help you help others!

Thank you so much for visiting Green Waze. Please follow us on Instagram or Twitter @green_waze or visit our Facebook Page


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