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Why do we do what we do?

Green Waze was founded to be a cannabis driven company that helps other businesses in the industry. We built this agency because we saw a number of really great people running really great businesses with great causes having difficulty building their brands and dealing with social media shutdowns.

The problem, Cannabis is not federally legal. This makes sales using banks and normal payment processors difficult. Not to mention, the social media rules that tell the industry they can’t be a part of the platforms if they’re encouraging people to “buy or sell drugs”.

This source of the issue is this, cannabis is considered a “Schedule 1” drug, right up there with heroin and LSD. There are no recorded instances of marijuana overdose known at this time, however, cannabis is considered a “deadly” drug with this classification and there is a stigma to its existence and its users as well.

We understand the difficulty in navigating the changing legislation, we don’t feel it’s fair, or going to be something we fix easily, but, we have definitely done our work to study the loopholes and exceptions to the rules and have armed ourselves with the knowledge we want to share with our business partners.

But more than just the simple business side of Green Waze’s mission to help a million cannabusinesses, we are affected by the positive side of cannabis. Our ownership has seen, first hand, the really powerful positive side of cannabis on her own step-son during his chemotherapy treatment. It’s more than just a desire to help cannabis businesses, it’s a drive to ensure those who need the help they can receive from cannabis, they get in the easiest fashion. We believe that if you can make a McDonald’s on every corner for “food”, we can put cannabis everywhere to make it easier to get medicine.

Don’t worry, Green Waze is not just in it for the meds, we know the recreational side is important too… all work and no play puts us in a bad way too! So we also believe in helping people have fun, enjoy yourselves and get access to what helps you do that without hurting anyone or putting anyone at risk.

We’re so excited for all the support we’ve already generated and would love to hear your comments and your experiences as well. Comment below. We’re giving stuff away – yep, it’s a bribe. YOU WIN!


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